Moved to Miami. Moved to WordPress.

NOTE: For those of you who are noticing that this is not the same website that my original blog was on: wonderful observation! I’ve decided to move my blog to WordPress because it’s easier to customize. I’m not going to move all of my posts over here right now, because that’s a lot of work, so if you would like to remind yourself of what I’ve been posting about, my old blog link was


Here’s a picture of me and my thoughtful, hilarious roommates. Photo credit goes to our supportive site coordinator who enjoys photography and somehow made it look like we weren’t sweating at all in this picture.

A quick synopsis of what we have done this week:
-tons of sight-seeing, lots of which has been done from the comfort of our air-conditioned van, as none of us are used to this heat quite yet
-eaten amazing meals
-taken many trips to the public library. We’ll have wi-fi soon..
-practiced intentional community by creating a house covenant and going on our first grocery trip together
-shown our Korean housemate the comedy of Will Ferrell in Anchorman and Elf. I have so much joy each time she thinks one of his jokes is funny. Sometimes I worry that American humor is too dumb, but she reassures us that she’s enjoying it.
-met all of our work site supervisors. If all goes according to plan, we will begin our job placements next week!
-successfully conquered public transportation. One afternoon, Michelle handed us bus passes and told us that was how we would be getting home. After joking about calling an Uber (essentially a taxi-service), we found the correct bus and bus stop!

Miami has been awesome to us so far. Our neighborhood is beautiful. The places we are working are so exciting. Our laughs are plentiful. If you would like to know more about the Miami YAVs, please follow my housemates’ blogs as well!


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