“It’s still an eye an eye and a tooth for tooth but it’s not too late to lend an ear and stop all this hating before we all disappear”

The video below just popped up in my Facebook feed and I had to share it. The girl’s parents are divorced and she is fed up with her mom and dad arguing. While I thankfully have never felt the pain she feels, the tension that happens to me when people that I love don’t get along sounds very similar. She needs to be a motivational speaker when she grows up (or right now…).

“My heart is something. Everyone else’s heart is something, too. And if we live in a world where everyone’s being mean, everyone’s going to be a monster in the future.”

If you like her message, then now is my chance to turn you into an Old Crow Medicine Show fan. Old Crow, also known as the band that made “Wagon Wheel” a hit before Darius Rucker ruined it (sorry, not sorry), is a folky-bluegrass-old time band that writes a lot of songs about drugs, alcohol, and partying, but always manages to include a few songs on each album with profound messages. Take a listen to a song from their most recent album, called “Mean Enough World.” I know I am most definitely guilty of being mean-spirited from time to time, but I have learned that it is exhausting and destructive to carry on like that in everything one does.

As Ellen (and Jesus) would say, “Be kind to one another.”

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