a year of yolo (…or discernment)

I’ve officially been in North Carolina for a month now and things are slowly falling into place. Everyone I talk to lovingly asks me what I’m doing with my life now, so here’s a quick update!

  1. I’m applying to grad school for Fall 2017.
  2. My original plan was to work at a non-profit in the Triangle for a few years and then make my way back to school. One morning, I woke up with the urge (also known as God’s call, perhaps) to stop avoiding the obvious. It didn’t seem fair or sustainable to work at a NP for 10 months and leave, so my job search changed.
  3. I’m now working part-time at a local cider bar! One of my favorite parts of my year in Miami was getting to hear life stories of my clients, my coworkers, my housemates, and the rest of my community. I think the bar/restaurant setting is a great place to practice these listening skills as well as a way to learn more about the people that live in this city.
  4. Many, many people with years of wisdom and life experience have talked to me and encouraged me to simply enjoy this year. I know that I will likely not be lucky enough to just take off with little responsibility once this stage of my life is over. For example, this morning I was able to go to Raleigh to deliver a Moral Declaration to our government officials. I would love to have a career in the future that allows me to be a part of these petitions and actions, but that’s not always the case.
  5. I’m finding ways to be more involved in Durham. I quickly found ways to get involved with my home church once again. I learned a lot about Miami while only living there for a year, but now am realizing how little I know about my hometown. I’ve got a pile of book and documentary recommendations about its history and am excited to work my way through these.
  6. To locals reading this: I’m very available for any kind of sitting – babysitting, housesitting, petsitting throughout the next year. 🙂

One thought on “a year of yolo (…or discernment)

  1. Kim Gauss says:

    Love reading your story! Are you close enough to babysit in Raleigh? My daughters both live there and are always looking for sitters. If it’s not too far a drive, send me your cons to info and I’ll pass it on.


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